A Transport Assessment will be carried out in order to consider the effects of the scheme on the adjacent highway network and to formulate appropriate mitigation measures where necessary.

The site is located within a highly accessible location adjacent to a main arterial route; Brighton Road (A235). In addition to the use of the private vehicle, the site is accessible by a variety of sustainable means of transport such as walking, cycling and bus travel. There are bus stops immediately adjacent to the site on the Brighton Road frontage and there are two railway stations (Purley Oaks and Sanderstead) situated 0.2 miles and 0.5 miles away from the site. The proposal offers cycle parking spaces in convenient proximity to the store entrance and pedestrians are able to access the store directly from Brighton Road.

The proposed development encourages customers to use sustainable means of transport to travel to the store in order to reduce car-borne trips, thereby reducing the impact on the surrounding highway network.

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